I have started an Etsy Store

When I was in college I printed some T-shirts for friends and sold around 200 of them. It was thrilling to see them go and even more thrilling to randomly see my friends wearing them and to be able to strike up a giggly conversation with them about what they are wearing.

I have decided to reengage in this interest in swag!

Here are a couple of examples of some things I have listed on Etsy. The illustration below I had tucked away in a sketchbook. As I was looking at it again I thought the hand in the peace sign looked awesome.


So I converted the peace sign into a vector graphic! It was really fun to do because I had to think about what I was losing with the color pencil shading.


And this is what it looks like on a shirt with a different color background. Really excited about how it turned out!

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 6.58.49 AM.png

I will be listing more items as the year progresses so be sure to check in with me.